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yesterday, I was paralysed - unable to do anything other than stare mutely at the screen of this computer. I tried to update this journal, to no avail. Nothing worked. I almost talked myself out of working out several times, but managed to salvage something of my will and make it down to the gym after work.

Today is better, partially because the stock market is doing nice things to me (the Dow is down ~110, but our stock is up ~2%, tee hee) partially because my emotional life seems to finally be stabilizing. Regular excercise and yoga practice definately helps, as does certain conversations and acknowledgements between Beth and I. Much happier on the whole.

It's a beautiful windy day and the air which is refreshingly moist this afternoon will be thick in the nostrils tonight. I love Austin in the spring. Even if it comes in January. Hell, specifically because it comes in January, and July and October, too. I love the humid nights, the strange bounce and drift of sounds from the neighborhood - like AM radio across the desert - and the quiet certainty that you could step around the next corner and disappear forever. Austin is a place that you're always on the verge of leaving, even if you forget you have that power for years and years on end.

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