mike (don_negro) wrote,

building callouses

I used to play guitar all the time. I wasn't incredibly good, but I was good enough to perform original material at shitty Gulf-coast beer joints without embarrassment. Then I moved in with my musical ninja former roommates and I quit playing almost overnight. It took about a year for the callouses on my left fingertips to wear away.

I spent most of yesterday playing guitar. It was the longest continuous session in five years. It was very, very good. My fingertips are sore, my ribs are bruised from slouching over the body, and I learned Tangled Up in Blue and Shelter from the Storm, which are two of my favorite songs ever, and also Fun and Games and '74-'75 by The Connells, which belies my obscene fondness for early '90s college rock.

But that's okay, because Steve and I confessed our unspeakable affection for synthpop last night, and that's way worse than early 90's college rock.
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