mike (don_negro) wrote,


waitng ever so patiently for the office to close so that I can go do something, anything, else. I'm stilled to thoughtless meandering around the apartment, distracted from boredom for a few minutes by this or that. I could work on the three (4? 5?) production projects I have sitting on my hard drive; I could, but I won't. Anything involving an emotional or intellectual investment right now seems unmanagable.

This probably comes from not having had caffine today. I suspect that this is in fact the culprit.

Change. It drips from the walls around here. I live terrified of stagnation, of going back to before. But to accept the passing of the good things as the nature of change is to enforce a detachment that I fear as much as I do the stagnation. I read that sentence again, and I realize that there's a misassumption in there somewhere. I'd dig it out, but that would require an intellectual investment that I'm not up to making.

Okay, enought public whining.

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