mike (don_negro) wrote,

my my my, but corporate IT is deathly boring.

I have decided that, after we loose the first (and maybe second) generation of Cotton Enterprises on the world, we'll take up large-scale municipal planning - private cities, like Valencia, CA - otherwise known as Mike and Co. play SimCity for real. Part of this is to prove a point, that if we run certain services as not-for-profit businesses - education, policing, localized power generation - for the beneficial interest of both the customers and employees, the result will be lower operating costs and better service. It retains the profit motive's impetus to action while circumventing raw capitalism's propensity for short-term self-evisceration. Kind of a cross between a co-op and an old-school regulated utility.

The other point I want to prove is that if you pay teachers and policemen like the *absolutely necessary maintainers of society's foundation* that they are, and expect them to perform to the highest standards in return, you you'll get a society that doesn't suck and a populace that is mostly self-controlling. Imagine for a second a world in which you couldn't count the number of good teachers you'd had on one hand and where a cop might actually be someone you'd want to have at one of your parties.

Sounds like a good way to while away my forties.

Of course, I also think I can make people proud to pay taxes, so feel free to take everything I say as the ravings of a madman.

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