mike (don_negro) wrote,

The importance of being Bucky Fuller

feeling better today. God, was I always this bipolar and just too fucked up to notice?

Talked the securites board examiner directly. He gave me a list of things to correct and resubmit. I should get that done at lunch and fax it this afternoon. eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize.

Having your life changing underneath you all the time will certainly give you a need to be geodesic. I like the aesthetic and the strength-to-weight ratio, but sometimes I still miss my familiar and inefficient box made out of ticky-tacky. It's gone for good, and trying to put gables on my dome would only make me feel pathetic the first time I got any perspective whatsoever.

It's not losing the assumptions that really fucks you up, though you think it is at first; it's losing the fallacy of just how many assumption you can safely make that really hits you for six. The first just fucks up your worldview, the second fucks up your ability to think about your worldview. The question 'what do I really know' is one of the most destructive - for good or ill - that we can ask ourselves.

I sometimes feel like Lenin in his boxcar, rolling through Poland, wondering what the fuck he'd gotten himself into.

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