mike (don_negro) wrote,

love is like falling, and falling is like this

I went snowboarding for the first time this weekend. I'm sore, every physical action causes me pain, and I can't wait to go back again.

blanu, G, J, and I left straight from work Friday and drove to South Lake Tahoe, where we had rented an inexpensive but completely servicable condo for the weekend. Saturday morning we drove down to Kirkwood, rented gear and headed out onto the green slopes. Getting going on the first run was a little tricky, and I fell a lot the whole weekend, but my years of surfing translated pretty directly to snowboarding (especially the fact that I can surf equally well regular or goofyfoot), and by the end of the weekend I could carve decently on gentle slopes, and managed to run a long, easy blue without falling down.

I also took three or four major back-popping falls that had me worried about my chiropractic bill, but I seem to be alright in the spinal-alignment arena today.

So, if anyone ever needs an extra person to split the room cost, let me know. I travel light and sleep well on the floor.

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