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A lot of things in the last week. On Saturday - Monday, went camping with a lot of new people and had an absolute blast. /me waves. Got in a good mixture of hiking, sitting alone in the woods and sitting with people around the fire.

Tuesday we had our Fourth of July fireworks viewing party - which was roundly considered a success. We read the Declaration of Independence - a very topical little document - aloud with each person taking a stanza. We ran out of people before we ran out of stanzas, so I finished it and then launched into what can only be described as a sermon that I don't remember very much of. This is something that's happened before. I have a tendency to hold forth in public anyway, and sometimes I realize I have no idea what I'm about to say next. When that happens, I reach back and get ahold of something and it just starts flowing. I don't know how to describe it any better than that. But I generally have no idea what I've said when I get done. This time it really well. The people my age generally just shrugged it off with a well-meant 'Nice speech' if they remarked on it at all. It apparently resonated with the Baby Boomers, however, since almost all of them came over to shake my hand, and several of the women were lightly petting my chest and looking at me with what could only be called adulation. I liked that entirely too much. I often joke that the reason I don't become a cult leader is that I'd have to hang out with cult members, but that suddenly doesn't seem like that bad a deal.

Had a long talk with allea on Wednesday. It's getting easier. I'm slowly making the mental shift from thinking of her as my ex-wife to thinking of her as a really wonderful friend. I can admit now that our getting married was a really dumb idea, so I guess that's progress.

Okay, back to trying to make BitTorrent into something someone will pay us several billion dollars for.
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