mike (don_negro) wrote,


So I got a bike yesterday, and rode about 15 miles in the rain, over to _gulliver_'s house for games night, then back to my house. I really enjoyed riding in the rain, once I was too soaked to care. I think the distance was a little much, as my nether regions are unaccustomed to the bouncing. So I'm a little sore, but my legs feel fine this morning, even though they did a fair amount of hurting last night.

Rather than exacerbate my saddle-soreness, I rode the bus in this morning with my bike on the rack, and I'll ponder biking home tonight.

There was only one problem.

I know that most hard-core bike riders are militant about riding in the road, that bikes are traffic under the law, etc., etc., and that sentiment is all well and good, but it did nothing for me when I had to lay my bike down in the middle of the South Lamar/Riverside intersection to avoid T-boning a Firebird who was turning across my light, and then kick violently out of the way to avoid the Honda Civic which would have crushed my chest otherwise. Fortunately, other than a little road rash, and putting a serious kink in my back, I'm okay. (at 4 :00 a.m., I was sure I was going to need a trip to the chiropractor, but it's getting better as the day goes on, so hopefully that will be avoided.) Also on the upside, I only saw the Civic out of my peripheral vision, so my reflexes and self-preservation instincts seem to be as sharp as ever. That's a good thing to know, even if it's a bad thing to test.

So I'll be sticking to the sidewalks when they exist, at least at night in the rain.
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