mike (don_negro) wrote,


From my boss -

"Don't hate them because they're Islamic, hate them because they're terrorists."

I can't decide if I think that's the best I can really hope for. I certainly have no great love for terrorists, but if we don't understand why they did it, we'll never get it solved. Killing all of them is neither possible nor a solution in and of itself.

Alex made a very good point on Saturday. Many people in this country seem to think that suicide attackers have to be somehow fundamentally different than us - less human, placing less value on human life. But we wouldn't say that the Japanese are less human, that they place less value on human life, yet not 60 years ago they launched thousands of suicide attacks against us, generally by crashing airplanes into things.

Open your eyes, America. Ordinary people do stuff like this if pushed too far. Nathan Hale, the Union soldiers at Cold Harbor, Pickett's men at Gettysburg, the German paratroopers attcking Metz, the Japanese fighter pilots raming heavy cruisers. They're not incompreshensible monsters, they're people we can understand if we'll only spend about 60 seconds trying hard. Surely more power for our nation can be found in that understanding.

Big screed coming...
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