mike (don_negro) wrote,

The Rehotification of 2005

The last time I worked in IT, I thought it was destroying my body. My posture sucked, my back and wrists were constantly twinging, my astigmatism was growing slowly worse and worse.

Then I spent three years in Finance. If IT was destroying my body, Finance tried to fucking kill me. But there's an upside to the 70 hour workweeks, when you finally get out of that world and survey the wasteland that your body's become, you feel like you have unlimited free time to do something about it. Hence the Rehotification.

Here's the schedule (each day includes a one mile round trip walk to the bus stop):
Monday - yoga at lunch, and free weights after work.

Tuesday - yoga at lunch, 3-5 mile run after work.

Wednesday - rest.

Thursday - yoga at lunch, free weights after work.

Friday - random cardio after work, depending on how sore the various parts of me are.

Weekend - rest. Garden. Try not to drink too much beer.

I'm looking forward to seeing what six months of this do. I'll check back in on my 31st birthday with a progress report.
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