mike (don_negro) wrote,

Ten things I'm pretty sure you've never done (but which I have).

1. Called Donald Trump to interview him about his mannerisms so that you could impersonate him better.

2. Run 4 miles barefoot on Follett's Beach.

3. Woken Douglas Adams up from a nap.

4. Shared an elevator with Don McLean.

5. Shot 3-pointers with Christian Laetner, Bobby Hurley and Grant Hill.

6. Done barrell-rolls and split-Ses in an AT-6 Texan.

7. Had Shane McGowan spill a drink on you.

8. Broken your own mother's tailbone.

9. Wrestled in a kiddie-pool full of pudding while balancing on your knees in the lotus position.

10. Heard your black-belt girlfriend say 'It's been nice knowing you' just before she flung open a door to attack an intruder.
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