mike (don_negro) wrote,

And he said 'yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah'

So I met Kori's sister Lauren (Laura?) at games night on Monday; she's twelve and was wearing a forest camouflage babydoll t-shirt with a big, red, glittery star on the front.

And I thought to myself, 'My God, if Che Guevara could see this, he'd laugh himself silly. 'The young girls of the capitalists are wearing camouflage with red stars on their chests -- the Revolution is at hand!'

So I mentioned it to Kori, and she mentioned something to me. And then I thought 'Shit, I'd have to be to be the one to tell Che Guevara that that was made by a Mexican peasant woman in Matamoros and was purchased for $5 at Old Navy.'

Of course, I'd just gotten done with a 12-hour day at Amex when these thoughts occured to me, so remember the lesson inherent: Pure meritocracies do really crazy shit to otherwise-decent guys like me.

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