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mike's Journal
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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004

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From the Latin abortio
Here's the ugly truth that no one in the democratic party wants to face: it's about abortion. Abortion, abortion, abortion.

Abortion is the reason that they can't win the popular vote. And without the popular vote, you need a genetic freak like William Jefferson Clinton to thread the needle. And there are simply not enough of him to go round. The only common theme that unites the Catholic pipefitter's wife in Youngstown, the schoolteacher in Texas and the guy who crawled out from the snake pit behind the trailer church in the Okefenokee is their basic hatred of abortion. And abortion is basically a hateful practice. No one likes it. I and a lot of people I know tolerate it in an attempt to bring eqality to fundamentally unequal genetic population: women can get pregnant, men can't.

Until we address this problem, we'll never win a national majority, and all of the reasons we vote Democrat to begin with will continue to wither. Abortion is costing us the environment, healthcare, a living wage, decent schools.

I honestly don't think it's worth it anymore.

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