mike (don_negro) wrote,


Done and done - and all my Amex paperwork filled out to boot.

About halfway through the health insurance section, I started to freak because it seemed that I had just had to guess on about 10 questions in a row (out of 60) - The test is pass/fail, no score reported, but I am curious. The same thing happened during the 66, and both times on my way back through the list for review, it turned out that it was only a few questions, but they loom large on the first pass.

Major thanks to everyone who has beseeched or commanded the universe, the gods or their own personal wells of juju on my behalf during the last 17 days -- your faith has sustained me. Indeed, in the dark moments it's been the idea of letting y'all down that I most feared, not the idea that I'd have to wait 30 days to retake the test.

So, if any of y'all want some financial advisin', just let me know. If someone from American Express calls you, tell them your buddy Mike works for Amex and is taking care of it for you. It's about the only way to get them off the phone short of summarily hanging up. They select for tenacity with their four interviews and massive attempts to scare you off.

Also, mad props to my first client in the advising biz, (you know who you are -- I'd thank you by name or LJ-nick, but I just signed some airtight non-disclosure agreements which didn't make a whole lot of distinction between clients at Amex and clients you might have had beforehand) for giving me the incentive I needed when I needed it. You're confidence is in no small part responsible for me getting to this point.
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