mike (don_negro) wrote,


I passed the Series 66, with an aggregate score of 88%.

One down, two to go. 10 days to the Series 7, and 16 to the Group 1. If all goes well, I'll start at AmEx on my birthday, November 13.

Aside: When I got in my car to go take the Series 65 a year and a half ago, Beautiful Day, buy U2 was playing on the radio. Bono screaming 'Daaaaaaay..." echoed in my head throughout that test, which I passed and thereby set myself on this road. When I pulled into the parking lot for my final interview at American Express, Beautiful Day was playing on the radio.

I can take a hint.

Today I played it everytime I needed encouragement, it rang though my skull all during the test, and the all-but-intolerable review of each of the questions that I made myself do. It's playing triumphantly right now.

The moral? Take your totems where you find them, and never get drunk and make sweeping assertions about which bands have gone soft, lest their new material get stuck in your head on momentous occasions.
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