mike (don_negro) wrote,

This is the fourth time in as many days that I've opened my journal to whine about the mind-numbed funk I find myself in after 4 p.m. at work, but every other time the prospect of complaining in public caused me to rescind my intention and close to the window. It gave the the perspective I needed to break my this-sucks-I-feel-like-shit-this-sucks feedback loop. But not today. Today, despite a good deal of productivity I find myself frozen, wanting nothing other than for 6 p.m. to arrive so that I can go home. Soon, soon, I know. The longer I stay here the more I want to build a place to work which is nothing like it. The crap I've seen here has led to insights on everything from management techniques to bathroom fixture design. It's been a worthwhile experience.

But right now I just want to go home and never come back.
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