mike (don_negro) wrote,


I feel trapped. I really need to learn not to let my emotions be governed by the daily gyrations of the stock market. Yet it's hard not to, all my dreams rest on my ability to make money from it in excess of the average, and on bad days I start having flickering visions of a long grey lifetime. I really need to get that code Brandon wrote for me installed on a 24/7 connected unix box so that i can have a data store to run quant simulations on. Then I can achieve my dream of making a little money every day rather than a little money every day on average with both bad and good days in between. The latter method gears in with my manic depressive tendencies all to effectively, and makes me miserable and ineffective.

On the positive side of the coin (which truth be told is much larger and thus not so much a coin as a truncated cone), I've been very good about sticking to my work-out schedule and my yoga and ingesting huge amounts of protein so I should be back to (or surpassing) my 1999 levels of buff in time for shirtless weather. I feel so good after yoga it's not even funny, and it seems like I'm gaining an inch or two per stretch every week.

I always feel better after writing, so why don't I write more?
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